Naming Conventions

When creating repositories it's important to keep the names informative and with a structure similar between projects. This hopefully helps to navigate among a growing base of repositories.

Naming Repositories

The names should be a coupled maximization of name length and information. The base structure should be composed of up to 3 words:

  • [client] – Your client's acronym or abbreviation.
  • [specific_project] – The name (preferably and acronym or abbreviation as well) for the project in question.
  • [extension_key] – Extra information that allows for severals repositories to share the same base name when there a greater modularity. Bellow is a list of some keywords and their significance:
    • frontend – This is the repository that contains the front end code.
    • api – This contains an API or API related code.

Naming Pull Requests

All Pull Request should state if it is a fix or a new feature, followed by information.



Special Tags


Tag pull request titles with [WIP] to indicate a "Work In Progress" state.

[WIP] Send weekly reports)


Tag pull request titles with [CLIENT] to indicate an already approved state but pending for a "GO" to production.

[CLIENT] Send weekly reports)

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