Generally, follow the WordPress rules on inline documentation.

For ease of reference, the most important points of the previous standards are described here as well.


All documentation must be written in english.


DocBlocks should directly precede the hook, action, function, method or class line. There should not be any opening/closing tags or other things between the DocBlock and the declarations.

Description (short and long descriptions)

HTML markup should never be used outside of code examples, though Markdown can be used.

All descriptions should be clear, simple and brief. Avoid describing why an element exists, rather, focus on documenting what and when it does something.

All sentences should end with a full stop symbol.

Always conjugate verbs in the singular third-person.

// Yes.
(it) Does something.

// No.
(it) Do something.


 * Class description.
 * @since x.y.z
 * @package ClientName
 * @author log.OSCON, Lda. <>

 * Variable or Constant description.
 * @since x.y.z
 * @var   (type)

 * Method description.
 * @since  x.y.z
 * @param  (type)  $param_name  Parameter description.
 * @return (type)               Return value description.

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