log's Standards

Yes, we have those! This repository is the collection of all the standard practices we employ at log. It is a work in continuous progress and, hopefully, it will always be better yet never finished. This is our vision on things, and in all cases it is a mix of several sources and experience, which is itself a mix of other sources. Of the 0.001% of "originality" that you may find here, consider it our gift to you.

Although we do not pretend to teach anyone, a Loguiano should follow these best practices in every code he/she builds so as to improve efficiency within the team.

We have a simple site in the hoven to make things more pretty and readable. But in the mean time feel free to browse the repository and read whatever you feel like.

Using this stuff

It goes without saying, that you may use any part of this collection of documents as you please. We are making it open to give back and learn from others through sharing.


As we've said, most of what is here is not original. In every section you will find a list of sources that contributed to its final result. Some sources are also distributed along the documents for particular insight on a specific guideline.

To all of these amazing people we say:

Thank You


Contribuitons are most welcome in their natural form of Pull Requests, the following guidelines are just to keep things following with ease:

  • If it's something new, make sure it's not hidden somewhere in here already or that we didn't dismiss it for something else.
  • Make sure you supply some arguments for the benefits/advantages your change provides.

Special thanks to: @goblindegook, @s3rgiosan, @xipasduarte, @RicCastelhano and @Narayon.

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